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Single holidays are a different and unique way to travel around the world. Due to recession and tough economic climate more and more tourists are undertaking solo travel.

A couple of decades ago, most of the solo travellers used books or electronic gadgets like a iPod, laptop to be there travel companion as they found it better way to kill there time n loneliness while travelling all alone.

But now we see a change in the trend. Even though individuals have to go on a solo holidays they don’t have to actually “single”. You can actually have a partner on your holiday. With a travel companion you don’t have to worry about all the “don’ts” of being a single traveller. You don’t have to worry about going to any restaurant, museum, art gallery, historical site all alone. So you have a travel companion without defeating the whole purpose of travelling single.

You are with some one with whom you can share your travel ideas and experiences making your solo vacation all the more exciting and beautiful. In fact the way you look at an all singles holiday would completely change if you have a travel partner who shows you around, helps you mingle with new people. You would definitely take with yourself unforgettable memories and exciting stories from your foreign destination when with your travel buddy.

Again the question arises how does one find a travel companion and even if a solo traveller finds a partner would he or she be the ideal person to holiday with? Hmmm

Well there are plenty of websites on the internet that help you choose a travel buddy just as per your needs. So whether you travelling for business or pleasure these websites give you ample of choice if you are on a look out for a holiday partner.

But all the joy and excitement of the solo holiday is taken away when you consider the cost involved in your travel. You might have to pay in doubles even when your holidaying all alone.Often you end up paying hefty single supplements.

A single supplement surcharge for most rooms or cruises is about 40% of your total cost of holidaying and it’s mostly not possible to argue your way out of it.

You are stuck in a situation where you don’t want to cancel your solo vacation and neither you able to find some one who could share your room or cabin. In ‘No Singles supplement holidays’ the travel agencies aids the solo traveller by pairing them with other singles on holiday in to double occupancy program. Most travel companies catering to your need to find a travel partner ask you to submit a personal profile and also list the destinations you would like to visit. Gradually you start getting potential matches as per your choose you can contact them or hold a meeting with them.

Where to Find Travel Buddies?

Thanks to internet – no one needs to travel alone any more. There is nothing you can’t find over web now, including a travel friend to share your journey with.

A lot of people wonder where they can go on internet to find travel buddies. It’s not that difficult anymore, here are a few places where you can possibly find travel buddies.

Forums: There are country and region specific websites which also have a feature of forums where you will be able to find a travel partner. You can register there and post your request on the forum or the message board.

Social networking sites: Apart from providing a social networking support to your life these sites can also help you find a travel buddy in many ways. You can put up an update on your profile saying ‘need a travel friend to Kenya’. There are several travel related groups also on such sites which can help you find a travel friend once you become a member.

Travel websites: Many travel websites have this additional feature of finding a travel buddy; you can bump into a travel enthusiast while browsing through any such site.

Find travel buddy sites: Indeed these are the best type of sites to locate a travel friend for yourself, as they are swarmed with similar individuals who are also looking for a travel companion. The have specific search applications which help you put forward you requests as well as browse through other trips created by users.

Travel Buddy Teapot Review

The Travel Buddy is a tea travel mug so you can take your tea on the road with you. It’s made of plastic, with a infuser basket that sits inside the mug, allowing you to steep tea on the go.

How does the Travel Buddy work? It’s quite simple. The bottom of the mug can be unscrewed so that you can pull out the infuser basket and fill it with your tea leaves (or a tea bag).

There are a few good points and bad points about the Travel Buddy, which I have outlined below.

The Positives

The infuser basket is another major benefit of the Travel Buddy. If you’re used to using tea leaves, these fit nicely in there; though you do have to be careful with oolong teas and any other tea that expands — there isn’t much room for expansion. I personally recommend using it for black teas and small leaf green teas, such as Longjing.

The infuser has tiny holes, which means that very few leaf particles escape into the drink itself. It even works for rooibos teas, which are composed of tiny, needle-like leaves.

If you screw the top and bottom on correctly — and tightly — the Travel Buddy doesn’t leak. But please note that I’ve only owned it for about a month; sometimes, mugs start leaking after a few months of use, as the thread thins.

The Negatives

My major problem with the Travel Buddy is that it is made from thin plastic, which gets very hot when you fill it with boiling water. Because it doesn’t have a handle, you have to hold the mug itself. As a result, I find myself waiting till it’s cooled down quite a bit before drinking the tea.

Ironically, the thin plastic also releases the heat quicker than other mugs do. The tea stays hot for about 30 – 40 minutes.

One way of overcoming this would be to buy a Travel Buddy jacket as well, which would allow you to touch it and also retain the heat a bit better.

There are plenty of alternatives on the market, many of which I reviewed in my article about tea travel mugs []. Anyone interested in buying

Travel Buddy Projects Help People Save Money

Travel buddy projects help people save money when they are going to different Countries. It is cool to have a travel buddy that you can travel with around the world. There are many projects that you could choose to do with your friend. What’s more you will save money travelling around from one Country to another if you have a person who accompanies you.

There are many group short-rates. Auckland Airport Hotels and Skycity Hotels Auckland offer wonderful places to stay. If you love to visit different places then you’ll love what Auckland has to offer.

When you travel with a group there are many discounts that you can take advantage of. It is fun visiting new places where you can learn about the Country. Having a friend to go out with really helps when you are in a strange place. Furthermore, your friend will be able to help you learn about the Country.

People often feel safer when they are travelling in a group. With so many places to see, it’s not surprising that people love travelling. However, going to a new place can often feel intimidating and frightening if you are on your own. That’s why travel buddy projects are such a good idea. It means that you don’t have to travel alone.

Auckland is a beautiful place with many historical areas of interest. It can be challenging trying to learn new languages, but if you have a friend with you then they can help. It can be expensive visiting new places, but when you are in a group there are many discounts available.

Travelling around on public transport can be frightening on your own, but with a buddy it is much safer. Group discounts are usually available on public transport which makes travelling much cheaper. With so many beautiful places to see you’ll feel much better having a friend by your side. Travel buddy projects help people save money on the many costs associated with travelling.

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